Helping Hands, LLC


In 2008, Helping Hands, LLC and owner Kathleen Siewert launched. Since then we have been helping families in Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and surrounding communities make "family-focused transitions." We understand that moving a loved one from their home, handling a loved one's estate or downsizing your own home can all be emotional and daunting tasks. Helping Hands, LLC is here to ease these transitions and allow you to focus on what matters, your loved ones and making sure they are as comfortable as possible.

Helping Hands, LLC is an insured and bonded organization.


     Providing compassionate assistance to individuals and families who are looking

​for help with transitioning their estate.


  • Property Evaluation
    • At this stage, we will take a look at the home and items within and determine the best way to approach a sale.

  • Pricing
    • With ongoing knowledge and research, we price items realistically for the sale.

  • Sale Promotion
    • Between one to two weeks prior to the sale date, we use a variety of digital and traditional advertising to inform customers and community members about the sale.

  • Setting Up
    • We complete staging and arrange the items so they are displayed to showcase their value.

  • Post Sale
    • Following the sale we develop a plan for the unsold items. We encourage our customers to give back to the community by donating any unwanted items to a local charitable organization. We then coordinate pick up of these items.

  • Consignment
    • If a complete sale is not realistic, some items may be taken and sold on consignment in conjunction with another sale or independently.

  • Liquidation
    • Upon appointment, Helping Hands, LLC will come to your home and review your assets and provide a buy-out quote and services to complete your personal property liquidation.